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Distributing Tools & Equipment throughout Ireland since 1984


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AEG POWERTOOLS promises to draw upon its heritage and deliver exciting, high performance, innovative working solutions for the professional trades men of today and the future.


Since being founded, AEG POWERTOOLS has been leading the way in new product development. By introducing the first transportable drilling machines in 1898, portable powertools were born. Over 100 years later AEG are still offering the professional user innovative, powerful solutions… PROUD PAST… EXCITING FUTURE…




TTI’s acquisition of Atlas Copco’s power tool and accessories business in 2005 brought the Group not one but two world-beating brands in the professional power tools sector. Along with Milwaukee, AEG Powertools gave TTI a globally recognized stable of high-performing products with strong appeal for construction professionals, and tradesmen. Drawing on the brand’s German heritage and long history of innovation in both products and design, AEG has helped to enhance TTI’s global presence, particularly in Europe, while TTI investment and strategic repositioning of AEG from the DIY sector back to its roots as a professional brand have created a powerful synergy from which to move forward into the future.



The history of Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (General Electric Company), better known around the world today as the brand AEG, extends back over 120 years and includes not only a ground-breaking heritage in electrical tools and engineering but a formative role in establishing the field of industrial design through its connection with the multi-talented German designer Peter Behrens. Initially founded in 1883 as Deutsche Edison-Gesellschaft (DEG), the company took the name AEG in 1887. Company founder Emil Rathenau (1838-1915) was a keen proponent of efficiency and had been one of the first to bring in assembly line production to Germany. A man who thought nothing of working 15-hour days himself, Rathenau drove the company forward in its field of electro-technology, setting out to innovate and rationalize the industrial process. While the first product under the AEG brand was electric light bulbs, the company was also exploring the potential for different appliances that made use of electricity. At the end of the 19th century, Germany was industrializing fast. Coal, iron and steel production began to rival that of the UK, the early industrial leader. Ship-building thrived and the highly regarded automobile industry got underway. In electrical industries, the country was becoming a sophisticated pioneer of new technologies.

With industrialization came the need for better tools to assist the workforce in producing ships, cars, and the machinery to fuel the industrial boom, creating a fresh market opportunity. Not only would such improvement help AEG itself as a rising industrial powerhouse with interests ranging from electrical power engineering and transportation to household appliances, it opened up potential for supplying other enterprises with such products. In 1898, AEG introduced the first portable electric

drill. It weighed 7.5kg and could drill holes of up to 6mm in steel. Bringing mobility to the world of industrial assembly proved a dynamic innovation whose time had come. By the start of the new century, AEG electric tools had become global sellers and the company’s commitment to providing superior quality power tools for professional use in construction, woodworking and industrial use was here to stay.


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