AIRLESSCO TS1750 -Electric Airless Texutre/Paint Sprayer

Code: TS1750

 AIRLESSCO TS1750 -Electric Airless Texutre/Paint Sprayer

The TS1750 is designed for dealing with a high volume of contract work (up to 5,000 litres per year) and pumping extremely heavy materials, with a pump that is ideal for spraying a skim coat layer of drywall mud for a Level 5 finish. It's extra-long piston with foot valve at the bottom of the pump, gives you the necessary suction for heavy coatings. These high performance units are powered by a totally enclosed, fan-cooled, industrial-quality brushless DC motor.

Ideal for large residential projects, commercial, and industrial use!


-Water and solvent-based coatings,

-100% acrylics, 

-all interior and exterior wall paints, 

-dry fall, 


- epoxy, 

-intumescent coatings, 

-waterproofing coatings, 

-and drywall mud.


-Precision Spray Control system which ensures smooth spraying across a wide range of pressures.

-LED digital display (Hose Reel unit only)-providing a precise readout of output pressure from 20 to 227 psi. 

-Industrial quality, high torque 2.8 hp brushless DC motor.

-Chrome piston rod and cylinder ensures long life.

-Long pump submerged in material allows heavy materials to be sprayed.

-Heavy duty gear box with hardened steels.

-Large inlet seat for higher flow.

-Ability to spray with 2 guns.

- Includes: 9.5 mm x 15 m (3/8 in x 50 ft) hose, Mastic gun, and 631 Rev-Tip.

0.029 in 2-guns Unit Weight w/ Hose Reel 60 kg/133 lb
Max Hose Length 90 m/300 ft Max Working Pressure 227 bar/3,300 psi
Max Tip Size 2 0.029 in 2-guns Frame Configuration Hiboy
Max Tip Size 1 0.039 in 1-gun Product TS1750
Part Number 3 17M204 - 230 V w/ Hose Reel Max Output 5.1 lpm/1.35 gpm
Part Number 2 17M213 - 110 V Part Number 17M204 - 230 V w/ Hose Reel
Part Number 1 17M203 - 230 V MAX TIP SIZE 0.029 in 2-guns
Motor/Engine 2.8 hp Brushless DC Motor