EGA MASTER Manual Test Pump 60005

Code: EMP001

EGA MASTER Manual Test Pump 60005

The EGA masters testing pumps have an exclusive and innovative valve system which increases its stiffness and stability, as well as the conform and efficiency of the user since it allows its complete use by applying only one hand

Indispensable to verify the sealing in plumbing, heating, solar panels, fire prevention equipment’s in refrigeration systems, gas oil installations in boilers and pressure container buildings.

Quick pressure adjustment system by a single valve

Heremeticity and pressure test with water or oil

Easy reading pressure gauge

Metallic construction, robust for heavy plumbing work. Tank made in steel or stainless steel, corrosion resistant, epoxy powder coated up to 12 litres capacity.
Weight (kg) 7.7 MAX 60=860psi
Vol (L) 12 NO: 1
COD 60005