Hycon HPP09 Power Pack Only

Code: HYC001

Hycon HPP09 Power Pack Only

HYCON HPP09 is the most sold powerpack. It is used especially for rental, contractors, municipalities, supply companies (power-water-gas-heat-sewage-telecom) who mostly use 20 l.p.m. tools like breakers, core drills, saws, submersible pumps etc.


-Design is very compact with small dimensions and low weight. Therefore it can be transported in any car, van etc.

-The investment in this powerpack and a breaker is usually less than half the price of a 4m³ compressor and breaker, and the performance is the same. 

-Integrated oil alert on engine oil level. 

-HPP09 comes standard with the HYCON POR system (Power on Request) = automatic regulation of power.
Model HPP09 Engine Honda 9 HP petrol
Oil flow, l.p.m. 1x20 Max. pressure, bar 150
Flow POR (automatic) Starter Recoil
Weight, kg 68 Noise level 1 m LPA dB 88
Noise level LWA dB 100