Loncin 3" Water Pump LC80ZB35-4.5Q

Code: DPT1021

Loncin 3" Water Pump LC80ZB35-4.5Q 

This engine is easy to be started, reliable and durable with lower operating temperature, higher fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions. 
In addition, it is equipped with an oil protector for low level. 

The lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy and double impeller aluminum alloy structure can achieve the balance and maximization of flow and lift. 

The pump body is manufactured with lightweight and solid aluminum alloy. 

The efficient impeller of excellent performance ensures a water supply of long-distance and large flow. 

The mechanical seal with high-quality ceramic is extremely critical for water pump. 

Full frame protection ensures that water pump can achieve extraordinary performance under the most adverse condition. 

The maximum lift is up to 35m and the maximum sucking length up to 6m. 

This product is ideal for liquid with mild corrosion (such as seawater and dilute saline) and cities, towns, enterprises, culture relic protection sites, property management offices, warehouses, mine areas, oil depots, stations, docks, ports, ships, temples, goods yards, forestry, mariculture, fire brigade and other organizations. 
                     Displacement                       196 cc                      Dia.of discharge port                       80 mm
                     Pump type                       Centrifugal,self priming  Model                       G200F
                     Fuel tank capcity                       3.6 L                      Net weight                       29 kg
                     Oil capacity                       0.6 L                      Dimension                       550×430×470
                     Rated speed                       3600r/min                      Max delivery voulme                       60 m3/hr
                     Net power                       4.1 kW/3600rpm                      Max lift                       35m
                     Compression ratio                       8.5?1                      Max suction                       6 m
                     Bore×Stroke                       68mm×54mm                      Dia.of suction port                       80 mm