Code: LP955


LP Series sprayers feature tough, compact, well-balanced frames, protecting the pump and making it easy to transport. This model is suitable for Medium to large residential projects, medium commercial buildings and light industrial. 


-The pump is the core of any airless sprayer, and these are built with Airlessco's new Pro-Duty Quick Repair Pump with externally adjustable packings that keeps you spraying.

-With its fan-cooled DC motor, you get reliable performance every day. The LP955 is only available in hiboy model.

-Up to 3,000 litre per year.

-Precision spray control system provides smooth spraying across a wide range of pressures.

-LCD digital display.

-Industrial quality, high torque brushless DC motor.

-Chrome piston rod and cylinder for long life and long lasting V Max packings.

-Large high pressure filter.

-Ability to spray with 2-guns.

-KickStand allows clean bucket exchange and easy access to the pump for single operators.

-QuickFlush facilitates a 4 times faster cleaning process with 50% less water waste.

Use to Spray: 

-Water and solvent-based coatings
-interior and exterior wall paints 
-roof coatings
Motor 1.8 Brushless Unit Weight kg / lbs 34 / 75
Max Hose Length m / ft 45 / 135 Max Working Pressure bar / psi 227 / 3,300
Max Output lpm / gpm 3.0 / 0.80 Part Number 230 V 18C271
Model Type Hiboy MAX TIP SIZE 0.029" 1-gun 0.019" 2-guns