LED Radio/Con Radar Traffic Lights Set MPB3400

Code: TL03400

LED Radio/Con Radar Traffic Light Set MPB3400

The latest radio transmission technology gives the MPB 3400 a reliable digital radio path with high-quality transmission. The multi-frequency version of the traffic light can be supplied with up to 16 radio channels on request.


-Transportable Roadworks Traffic Signal System Type MPB 3400.
-Clearly arranged controls: all at a glance. 

-Standard halogen lamps or innovative LED technology with night-time reduction feature on request.

-All signal heads identical: can be extended immediately by simply adding more signal heads to obtain T-junction or crossroads control – also by radio.

-In contrast to competing suppliers, a crossroads traffic light consists of four identical full traffic lights that can be combined at random, instead of one transmitter and three receivers.

-vehicle-actuated control with directional radar detectors.

-Different modes can also be mixed, for example: main road with green phase extension and side road (or roadworks exit) on request

Power consumption mean per signal head: approx. 0.89A (halogen) mean per signal head: approx. 0.89A (LED) Operating voltage approx. 10-14V DC (electronic reverse polarity protection as well as under- and over voltage protection; no loss of data when changing battery)
Lamps 12V / 10W halogen (commercially available) – or optimised power-saving LED modules on request Fuse 4A, 5x20mm, medium time lag (commercially available)
Control types fixed phase, vehicle-actuated operation with green phase extension, vehicle-actuated operation with green on request, continuous red, mannual operation, flashing, lamps off Data transmission cable or digital radio path
Radio path max. length up to 2,000m under ideal conditions