The X-SPLASH is a self-contained environmentally friendly closed loop cleaning system for tools and small mobile plant and machinery. It is designed with a built in filter system to remove mud and hydrocarbons. The system is designed to prevent soil pollution or accidental contamination of drains from oil, grease and other contaminants.

Environmental Benefits:

-All water is recycled. 

-There is no contaminated water released down the drain. 

-1.3 million litres of water is saved annually using the trime washbay in comparison to traditional cleaning methods. 


-Anti-slip integral floor pan

-Rear collection tank which collects water and debris. 

-Filtration Tank which contains four sections with filters to remove oil and fuel deposits.

-Filter Mats.

-Chlorine Filter Coat. The X-Splash utilises a reusable system Houses chlorine tablets of small cages with in-built and replaceable filter mats.

-Chlorine Filter Coat Container- houses chlorine tablets.

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