TSURUMI LC1.4S 110VSubmersible Puddle Pump

Code: SP020B

TSURUMI LC1.4S 110VSubmersible Puddle Pump

LSC1.4S Puddle sucker flood pump for pumping dirty site water from a flat surface down to 1mm. 

The dual position outlet gives option of non kink horizontal pumping and the integral swing check valve to prevent back flow during verticle pumping. 

A tough contractors puddle pump designed to operate for extended periods in seepage conditions. 

The LSC1.4S Puddle sucker flood pump is able to pump water down to 1mm, which makes it suitable for pumping large or small areas of nuisance water found on flat surfaces. 

It incorporates a dual position outlet port, to enable the user to position the outlet hose horizontally or vertically and avoid it kinking.

For durability, during robust handling, puddle sucker flood pump has a pressed steel outer casing and a cast aluminium pump stand to offer increased protection of the steel and rubber base plate. 

A combination of a rubber pump chamber and a urethane vortex impeller enables the design to offer excellent wear resistance in site water applications that contain sand and silt in suspension, thus maintaining performance and reliability. 

An additional feature is an integral swing check valve to prevent back flow of water from the discharge hose.

Quality is further enhanced with a 403 stainless steel shaft that is fitted with an ultra hardwearing double mechanical seal (inboard: silicon carbide-silicon carbide) – which runs in an oil chamber that has an oil lifter to maintain seal lubrication during operation in any position.

This feature, combined with the water and air cooling route to the top outlet, allows the pump to operate for extended periods with little or no water. 

Used widely by hire outlets, utilities and flood control companies. 

Supplied with 10 metres of heavy duty rubber power cable. 

Management of water levels can be controlled with a SwitcH20 system or a Tsurumi Sensor+E. (Please find different options of level controllers fitted to puddle pump in drop down menu) The SwitcH20 consists of 3 probes, in 304 stainless steel, that are set in an epoxy-resin filled holder and they represent on, off and common. 

The SwitcH20 here is supplied with a Simplex control panel and 10 metres of low voltage, PVC power cable. 

For full details of this product see Simplex page. 

The Sensor+E is an electronic float switch with stainless steel probes.

These are encapsulated in impact resistant moulded rubber, hence this switch is suited to portable applications. 

However, the compact design and precise level control also make it suitable for fixed installations and narrow or shallow sumps. Sensor+E is supplied with probe extensions to enable pumping down to 85mm, or further, depending on the sump size/area being drained. 

The extensions are an optional extra for the standard Sensor. LSC14s puddle pump is manufactured by Tsurumi.
Model LSC1.4S - 110V Head (metres) 11
                     Displacement                       349 cc                      Dia.of discharge port                       80 mm
Flow (l/min) 170 Packing weight 13.75
                     Pump type                       Centrifugal,self priming  Model                       LC78F/D350F
Volts 110V Dry weight (kg) 12
                     Fuel tank capcity                       3.5 L                      Net weight                       52.5 kg
kW 0.48 Off Level (mm) -
                     Oil capacity                       1.1 L                      Dimension                       570×490×550
Outlet (mm) 25 On Level (mm) -
                     Rated speed                       3600r/min                      Max delivery voulme                       60m3/hr
Manual / Auto Manual Width (mm) -
                     Net power                       4.9kW/3600rpm                      Max lift                       30m
Height (mm) 316 Dia x H (mm) 196
                     Compression ratio                       21?1                      Max suction                       6 m
Length (mm) - Free Passage (mm) 6
                     Bore×Stroke                       78mm×73mm                      Dia.of suction port                       80 mm
Model LSC1.4S - 110V Outlet (mm) 25
 Oil capacity                       1.1 L kW 0.48
Fuel tank capcity                       3.5 L Volts 110V
Pump type                       Centrifugal Flow (l/min) 170
Displacement                       349 cc Rated speed                       3600r/min