CAMON LS14 Lawn Scarifier

Code: LS14

CAMON LS14 Lawn Scarifier

The CAMON LS14 Lawn Scarifier is both lightweight and durable, ideal for small to medium size lawns, and for both domestic and professional users.
On every lawn there is the build up of older dead grass amongst the green blades and it is by removing this that you can seriously improve the health of your lawn. This build up of moss on your lawn can be removed by using our CAMON scarifiers. 

The LS14 is one of the first scarifiers to be fitted with the Honda GP160 engine and we feel this is a great fit for this machine. 

Honda can be relied upon to produce extremely high quality engines and the new GP range is set at a price that is perfect for domestic use. 

With regards to the LS14 itself, we have taken everything we have learned from selling the LS42 Scarifier over the past 16 years and refined it to ensure that the LS14 Scarifier meets our goal of being a lightweight and narrow, user friendly machine that still pulls out all the thatch from your lawn that you would expect. 

If you have a large lawn or are a landscaper that would like to offer scarifying as service then this machine is certainly worth looking at.

Don't forget about the other cartridges! One of the most important aspects of the LS14 Scarifier is that the rotor cartridge can be interchanged. Any of the cartridges that we manufacture for the LS42 Lawn Scarifier can be fitted. 

We believe that no other machine in this price bracket offers this versatility and allows you to really get the best out of this machine and also your lawn. 

Scarifying is best carried out in the Autumn and Spring months when the ground is not too soft and when the weather will not be too dry. This prevents grass being damaged and allows it to recover as quickly as possible.
Engine Honda GP160 Dimensions (L W H) 95cm x 60cm x 102cm
Working Width 42cm (17") Fuel Consumption 1.4L per hour @3600rpm
Starting Recoil Net Power Output 4.8hp / 3.6kW @3600rpm
Weight 40kg Collection Bag Optional
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.1L Cartridge Fixed blades (15 blades)
Fuel Petrol Warranty Domestic use - 3 years/Commercial Use - 2 years