Diabolux Portable Traffic Lights

Code: TL007B


 The most popular temporary portable traffic light!
Display countdown time remaining integrated into the yellow flashing light - the countdown informs drivers and prevents them from violating the red light sign.


-Black polypropylene signal head.

-Orange polypropylene case.

-Orange steel telescoping pole with tightening knob.

-Red, yellow and green 210mm lenses with large wide.

-Angle high-intensity LEDs (lifetime of 300,000).

-Proven electronics identical to previous model.

-For use in four and three-way intersections (for private roads)Manual option: steady red or steady green light.

-Maintains synchronization for 20minutes (when changing battery).

-Battery status indicator.


-Handles like a two-wheel hand truck.

-Set of lights can be carried in any light commercial vehicle LCV.

-Scrolling lights without cables.

-Sturdy, ergonomic and easy to install.

-It is valued by hundreds of users. 

Height 1.20m unextended, 2.75 extended Weight 70kg
Dimensions W- 0.62m L-0.79m Synchronization key to set and operate
Roadwork settings Length of roadwork (100 - 600m) Traffic Density (2000-11000 Vehicles/day)
Electrical Supply per Traffic Light 2 x 12V/200ah batteries/4 x 6V/192ah batteries/ 2 x stabilised mains connections