FM6DD Compact Petrol 6HP Wood Chipper Garden

Code: TAO030

FM6DD Compact Petrol 6HP Wood Chipper Garden 

 The FM6DD is a patent-pending (GB2008049.5) compact petrol wood chipper capable of chipping wood up to 50mm (2 inches) in diameter. 


-The FM6DD’s powerful 6hp LCT engine can rotate the chipper drum at a maximum of 3600rpm. This enables it to easily chip all kinds of freshly cut wood from hard to soft. It is a direct drive for better performance and this also means that there are no belts or chains that you have to keep adjusting.

-The FM6DD has twin reversible blades so that when one side becomes worn from use the blades can simply be turned around to use the second side. This saves the need for constant resharpening and effectively doubles the life of the blades. 

-The lightweight and compact size of the chipper enables it to be extremely maneuverable and easy to store. 

-Both the feed hopper and the discharge chute have a hinged chute design, enabling the user to easily access the drum for quick maintenance. The end of the FM6DD’s discharge chute can be angled to direct the chips.

-The FM6DD is powered by the latest LCT Maxx Series 208cc 4 Stroke engine. LCT are a US-owned company who manufacture 4 stroke engines that are used in a wide variety of outdoor power equipment.

-The powerful and compact wood chipper only requires minimal maintenance, you are only required to check the oil level and the cutting blades of the chipper, both of which can be easily replaced or refilled in just a few short moments.

-The entrance leading directly to the cutter (hopper chute) is 95mm x 95mm. The upper section has a CE plate fitted. 

-6hp 208cc 4 Stroke LCT Maxx Series reliable engine. Direct drive, no belts involved so no loss of performance

-Twin reversible blades giving them a much longer life span

-Direct Drive – No inconvenience of Belts or Chains

-Minimal Maintenance

-This powerful compact chipper will shred just about every type of garden foliage. Will shred branches up to 50 mm.

-Lightweight only 38kg.

-The hopper and chute are hinged and can be folded away to minimize its storage capacity. Takes up less space than an average wheelbarrow.
Power 6hp LCT Maxx series petrol engine 208cc 4 stroke Number of Blades 2 (reversible)
Overall Length 910mm Overall Width 480mm
Overall Height 780mm Max Drum Speed 3600 rpm
Max Wood Diameter 50mm / 2? Net Weight 38kg