BM2 GE36 Direct Diesel/Kerosene Space Heater

Code: HRP00021


39kW Direct Oil Fired Heater (Dual Voltage)
Direct Oil Fired Heater, the GE36 has a tough, hydrocarbon resistant, polythene fuel tank and an AISI 430 stainless steel combustion chamber. 
The unit has an automatic, built in oil burner, with a Danfoss pump. 

For extra safety, the GE36 is fitted with an electronic flame control device, a safety thermostat and and electronic control panel.

  • Features: 
Built-in oil burner 
Electronic flame-control 
Safety thermostat Set to be connected to a thermostat or a humidistat or a timer 
Power cord (1,5 m) with plug 
AISI 430 stainless steel combustion chamber; with three smoke revolutions 
Automatic post ventilation of unit Fuel feed lines in hydrocarbon resistant rubber, whit a reinforced textile (GE 20, GE 36, GE 46) or metal sheath( GE 65, GE 105) 
Tank in tough hydrocarbon resistant polythene (GE 20, GE 36, GE 46) or steel (GE 65, GE 105) Bayonet-type fuel tank cap 
Fuel tank drain plug 
Electric control panel
Model GE 36 Power Consumption 230v 232
Tank Capacity (L) 42 Fuel Consumption (kg/h) 3.04
Air Temperature 177 Air Flow (m3/h) 605
Heat efficiency 100% BTU 132,000
Rated heating power (Kw) 38.4 Electrical Power (V-hp-Hz) D/V 110V/220V
Weight (Kg) 25